The Top Ten Simpsons Songs

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Yes, The Simpsons is an amazing television program. Even now, when the quality of the show has declined considerably, it’s still good for a laugh. Of course it’s not as good as the “Golden Age” of The Simpsons but, really, what is?

The Simpsons has blessed us with a number of great songs. Here is the top ten Simpsons songs, according to me. Yes, this list is personal preference so feel free to get all mad about it and point out what I’m an idiot for missing. That’s why there’s a comment section. Also, this list isn’t in order. Ranking these songs in order would be far too difficult.

My Time With Bungie’s “Destiny” Alpha

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Someone dust the cobwebs away because there’s a post here! 

So this weekend I was lucky enough to get an invite from Bungie to experience the Destiny alpha on my Playstation 4. If you don’t know what Destiny is then you should feel shame. To sum it up – Destiny is basically the love child of Borderlands and Halo. That’s the easy, shitty way to explain the game. There’s more to it than just Borderlands meets Halo. It is basically an MMORPG game played on numerous amounts of worlds. You can choose to play missions alone or with friends (in teams called fire strikes composed of 3 or 6 people). If you decide to try a fire strike mission, you’ll be thrown into the mission with randoms. 

Happy 20th Anniversary Conan O’Brien

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The first episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien aired on September 13th, 1993 – 20 years ago. I remember the 10th anniversary of his show very well. They put together a big special episode with guests and clips and they even released it on DVD. Of course, now that NBC owns about 16 of his 20 years on TV, that won’t be happening this time.

But it doesn’t mean that we can’t put together our own “Best of” using pirated clips from the Internet (until NBC pulls them.) Enjoy!

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